Pakistan Gum Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
  Quality Policy  
  • Manufacture and deliver products that meet customer requirements as well as applicable regulatory requirements.

  • Strive to meet the needs of its customers through a process of continuous improvement.

  • Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

  To achieve the above, a Quality Assurance system has been established which emphasizes on defect prevention rather than defect detention/correction.  
  Food Safety Policy  
  • Manufacture its food grade products following a methodology that ensures that the end products meet:
  •           * Applicable regulatory requirements with respect to food safety.
              * Customer requirements especially with respect to food safety.
  • PGI has implemented a food safety program based on principles of HACCP which is subject to continuous improvement.

  No Glass Policy  
  • PGI avoids the use of Glass in its plant building and storage warehouses.

  • The plant and machinery do not contain any parts made of glass.

  • All tube lights and/or bulbs are covered appropriately to preclude contamination of the product(s) with glass.

  • Where glass is used in windows, the use of wire mesh is employed to support the glass in the event of breakage.

  • Glass food utensils are not permitted inside the plant and machinery area and storage warehouses.
  Health & Safety Policy  
  • PGI is committed to provide and maintain safe and healthy environment, working conditions, equipment and systems in the workplace.

  • Every employee has the responsibility to prevent accidents and injuries by observing established working rules, following the directions of supervisors, practicing the principles taught in safety trainings and providing ideas so our safety and health efforts can be further strengthened.

  • PGI and its employees have the responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations related to health & safety programs. An effective safety and health program extends beyond normal working hours, and accordingly, safety for employees and their families off the job activities is encouraged.



  Child and Forced Labor Policy  
  • PGI’s commitment to respecting human rights is grounded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, related covenants and the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights to Work.

  • PGI will not tolerate the use of child or forced labor, slavery or human trafficking in any of its operations and facilities.

  • PGI will not tolerate the exploitation of children, their engagement in unacceptably hazardous work, or the trafficking, physical punishment, abuse, or involuntary servitude of any worker.

  • PGI expects its business partners to uphold the same standards. Should a pattern of violation of these Principles become known to PGI and not be corrected, we shall discontinue the business relationship.

  • For the purpose of this policy, a “child” is anyone who is less than 18 years of age.


  Environment Management System Policy  
  • Provide its personnel with a clean, safe, and comfortable working environment.

  • Carry operations in compliance with national environmental, health, and safety regulations.
  • Conduct its operations with minimal adverse impacts to the environment where appropriate/possible.

  • Prevent pollution where possible and to continuously improve on its Environment Management System.


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